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Kuldeep Persaud
Iowa Territory
Cedar Rapids
Iowa, 52401
United States
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“We have been in business for 18 years and have grown from 2 million to 27 million. We are the ‘hands on type of people’. In the past, when we saw something needed to get done, we just did it. With the rapid growth our company experienced, it was hard to continue with our approach. We hired KP to come into our business and help us become leaders as well as develop our managers and sales staff.

KP has helped us to understand cash flow and how to position our company in the market for future success. He has been successful in giving my brothers and me confidence and support in the leadership area.

I would recommend KP as a business coach to anyone that is determined to move their business to the next level. KP would undoubtedly help them succeed.”

Jeremy Barardi, Owner, CFI Tire Service, Des Moines, Iowa

“KP is a fantastic business coach. He fast tracked my development of business and leadership skills. KP helped me discover the confidence I needed to excel in my role as Senior Research Manager for DuPont Pioneer, and management was thrilled with the velocity of change they witnessed in my work with Coach KP.”

Lisa Newman, PhD, University of Oxford, Senior Research Manager, DuPont Pioneer

  K.P. has very strong leadership and business skills. His strength comes with his passion to work with and develop people to be their best and to stretch to higher levels in life and work. I would recommend hiring KP as a leader and a business coach” August 27, 2009

Jerry Rammelsberg, Product Manager, Columbus McKinnon. Reported to KP at Columbus McKinnon


“K.P. Persaud was retained by the Ulven Companies as a Management Consultant to evaluate and restructure Hale Iron, an affiliated company located in Rossville, Georgia.

The Ulvens have owned Hale for ten years, and it has underperformed for the majority of those years. The primary issues were negative cash flow and poor deliveries.

After six months of working with Ulven management, KP installed a more effective cost system and a production control system with visual signals, developed and executed a new pricing strategy, and conducted employee training and development. Based on KP’s work and recommendations management made the decision to continue the Hale operations in Georgia. We feel that Hale is in a position to be a profitable operation which will deliver products on time with excellent quality.” July 2009.

Mike Ulven, Vice-President/Owner, The Ulven Companies.

“While working alongside KP here in the UK, I was inspired by his leadership and coordination of the international projects we were involved with. I found his personality and combination of knowledge, skills and experience to be second to none and have no hesitation in recommending KP.” July 11, 2008

Phil Waring , European Sales Manager , Columbus McKinnon Corporation
worked with KP at Columbus McKinnon

“KP was a member of our CEO/Senior Management Roundtable Team in the Cedar Rapids Iowa area. I visited his facility and was impressed by the improvements that I saw at his facility and the feedback that I received from his employees. He was always an active contributor to our lunch session group, which focused on key management issues. I would hire KP if the opportunity arose.” May 8, 2008

Frank Rydzewski , CEO , American Profol
was with another company when working with Kp at Columbus McKinnon

“While at Midland Forge I reported directly to KP. His leadership and mentoring skills are excellent and KP is always a pleasure to work with and for. His broad based knowledge of manufacturing is also highly stimulating. He makes the work place a pleasure to be in.” May 7, 2008

Arnie Kennedy CFPIM, CIRM, Jonah , Director of Materials , Columbus McKinnen, Midland Forge Division reported to Kp at Columbus McKinnon

“KP and I were colleagues and teammates for years at De-Sta-Co, I knew him as a highly capable and dependable manager. A quick study, KP is habitually armed with the information needed to form and implement cogent decisions. He anticipates changing conditions and adapts to stay ahead of the game. This is a solid, steady, stand-up professional. KP will excel in any responsibility for which his background qualifies him.” January 23, 2009

Alan Drake , Managing Director , De-Sta-Co Industries
worked directly with Kp at Dover corporation De-Sta-co Division


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